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Dr. Billy and Patient

From the scheduling of the surgery to the actual surgery, Dr. Marshall was available to answer any questions I had. Dr. Marshall even called and checked on me the same evening of my surgery after I got home. Any time I have a question, he is always available to answer me. I feel better than I ever have! It was absolutely the best surgery experience I have ever had. He truly cares about his patients.

Dr. Billy and Patient 2

I was initially apprehensive when I learned that I would need a total knee replacement. Doctor Marshall guided me through the robotic procedure and encouraged me throughout my healing process. I am doing great, thanks to Doctor Marshall.

Client and the Doctor

I wanted to personally thank you for the overall experience that I had with my full right hip replacement. You answered all my questions ahead of time, and the surgery went better than expected. You thought I would have to spend the night one night, but after the surgery, you said everything went so well that I could go home the same day. I remember getting rolled into surgery a little after 12:30, and I was being checked out of the hospital, I think, by 6:30 that same evening. You were correct about one thing you told me ahead of time when I first stood up after surgery; this would be the first time in a long time that I could stand without pain.
The recovery went really well. 6 Months after surgery; I’m playing racquetball again. My only regret is that our paths had not crossed 5-6 years earlier. That is how long I put up with the problem. Again, thank you so much for the quality surgery. The outcome was much better than I expected.

Patient and Dr. Billy