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Robotic Knee Replacement




Robotic Knee Replacement in Spartanburg, SC

Knee replacement surgery has come a long way in recent years, with robotics now offering significant advantages to patients. Dr. Billy Marshall is leading the way in this field, offering a personalized, image-based robotic knee replacement in Spartanburg, SC, that is changing the lives of those suffering from chronic knee pain.
There are four components used during the operation:
  • A Thin Cap that Fits on the End of the ThighBone
  • A Baseplate That Fits on Top of the Shin Bone
  • A Plastic Bearing Surface
  • A Button That Fits on the Back of the Kneecap
If the kneecap is not damaged, sometimes the button is not placed.

Advanced and Personalized Knee Replacement Process

Using CT scans of the knee, Dr. Marshall can analyze each patient’s unique anatomy and make custom adjustments to the positioning of the implants used in the surgery. This results in faster recovery times, improved range of motion, and a more natural feeling knee replacement.

The robot used in the surgery allows Dr. Marshall to make precision cuts with accuracy levels of up to 0.3mm, ensuring a more secure fit for the implants, which leads to more robust and more durable ‘ingrowth’ than cement. Furthermore, using robotics allows for preserving native ligaments in the knee, which are essential for stability and good kinematics.

Doctor With Equipment

Learn More About Robotic Knee Replacement

Patients who choose Dr. Marshall’s personalized knee replacement services can rest assured that they receive the highest care and attention tailored to their needs. With the benefits of this new technology, patients can look forward to comfortable, active years following surgery, free from the limitations of knee pain. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your quality of life.